Recent Successes

R. v. L.: Client found in room with loaded firearm, shell casing and body armor. Documentation tying client to room also located. After lengthy trial, gun charges dismissed.
R. v. P: Client found in grow operation with some documentation and photographs connecting him to the residence. Crown persuaded to stay all charges.
R. v. S: Client charged with impaired driving. After carefully setting out issues and problems with the case, matter resolved pursuant to the Motor Vehicle Act. The criminal charges were dropped.
R. v. J.: Assault charges litigated for several days. Client acquitted of all charges.
R. v. H.: Client charged with domestic violence. After putting together a plan of counselling for the client, Crown persuaded to drop all charges.
R. v. C: Section 111 application for forfeiture of First Nation’s clients firearms. After litigation, application dismissed.
R. v. L: Driving while prohibited allegation. Presented Crown with a volume of materials showing client was diligent in his conduct. Charges stayed.
R. v. S: Client was facing serious sexual assault allegations and sexual assault related charges. Worked diligently with the Crown and the client for many months to resolve this challenging and unique matter favourably for the client. After significant effort, we eventually persuaded the Crown to drop all sexual assault charges. A plea was entered to a mischief allegation, and a sentence avoiding a permanent criminal record was imposed.